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Our mission

To free up our
healthcare system

Assist healthcare workers

Shorten hospital

Reduce contact and risk of transmission

Increase time patients can spend at home

Improve safety and quality of living

How it works

More than a simple dashboard
Bringing it all into one view


LeoMed helps you bypass the hassle of toggling between multiple tools and multiple interfaces in order to get the big picture. You won't have to juggle with a flood of disparate health data about your patients, your employees, or your insurance clients.

your context is unique


LeoMed has created numerous partnerships allowing us to offer you a wide array of connected tools for the monitoring of patients. The various sources of data are centralized into one single platform that is easy to use and adapted to your specific needs. This gives you a bird's eye view of the situation and facilitates the follow-up and care.

your data in your tools


All that information is then saved and synced with your electronic medical records (EMR) according to HIPAA and PIPEDA security standards. It can also be exported or printed when needed. This will avoid the caregiver having to manually transcribe everything and will allow each authorized participant to access this information in real time, according to their roles and predetermined permission.

Our current features

Optimize hospitalizations.
Or avoid them altogether.
Inside and outside the hospital

Remote monitoring

Many hospitalizations could be avoided by the use of remote monitoring at home. Receive analysis and alerts for specific vital signs, according to the devices connected with your health institution. Hospitalized patients will also benefit from this enhanced monitoring system.

Blood pressure

Heart rate

Oxygen saturation

Respiratory rate


And more!

Upcoming feature updates

Even more automation

Automated triage

Automated surveys

Automated follow-ups

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